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African Warrior Magazine is a Kenyan owned, Los Angeles based online news site. Our aim is to deliver informative, educative, and entertaining news and information normally underplayed or altogether neglected by mainstream media; exploring potential to scale-up the presence and contribution of this highly dynamic African Community living in the West by highlighting their journeys, challenges and victories as they navigate new horizons in search of greener pastures.

We present ground-realities, checks and balances in personal anecdotes chronicling these experiences thereby offering experiential know-how on pertinent issues such as immigration & resettlement, offering advisory tips through existing community and professional networks and through integrated Inter-state activities promoting the rich African multi-cultural presentation in Diaspora.

We are a self funded organization and there are stories that we side step as due to the high cost of travel or equipment rental. With your donation we will be the best Diaspora news site with exclusive stories that will educate and inspire you.

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“I Thought About Packing My Bags and Leaving,” German Woman In...

When Stephanie Fuch's got married to a Maasai man, it all seemed like a fairytale but over the years, the couple has had ups...

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s “Road to Damascus” Conversion: Too Little, Too Late

By Washington Osiro, Shortly after the Supreme Court of Kenya confirmed the first term for Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto as the country’s president and...

Kenyan Musician Warns Ladies Dating Foreigners After Marriage With Briton Man...

London-based Kenyan musician Caroline Wakesho has urged ladies interested in dating foreign men to be careful before they get into relationships. Speaking to the Standard,...

Truth About Viral Video Of American Doctor Speaking On Plan To...

Over the past few days, a section of Africans online went wild following a segment of a video that insinuated how Africans are deemed...

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Government To Repatriate Kenyan Man Wanted By The US Over 700M...

  A court in Kenya has ordered the repatriation and surrendering of a Kenyan national to the US government in 15 days after information that...


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