Yet another Kenyan in diaspora arrested after stealing Ksh 70 million 


Muthini Nzuki, a Kenyan living in Kennesaw, Ga, has been accused of stealing $773,079(KSh 773 million) in university payments intended for Dell Computers and laundered the money through her personal bank account.

Muthini Nzuki, 39, of Kennesaw, Ga., was arraigned Friday in Superior Court in Rockville on charges of first-degree larceny and first-degree computer crimes. A judge set her bail at $500,000 and ordered her to turn in her passport if she intends to post bail.

“This was an elaborate financial scheme between this defendant and perhaps other co-conspirators,” Tolland State’s Attorney Matthew C. Gedansky said Friday during Nzuki’s arraignment. “Over a period of a month to six weeks this accused … hacked into [a] third party’s account and changed the routing numbers.”

On August 24, Nzuki was taken into custody. Nzuki was then extradited Thursday from Georgia to UConn Police Headquarters for processing.

Muthini Nzuki, 39

According to the arrest warrant application, Nzuki created an account with the vendor company, posing as a Dell employee, and synched up her account and UConn’s account by entering Dell’s federal tax ID and imputing an invoice number and amount owed from any Dell invoice to UConn.

Between April 12 and May 19, Nzuki is accused of diverting money from an approved Dell banking account to an account she created 32 separate times.

The university says it is not responsible for any losses.

The school says the company that processed the payments and the contractor that was supposed to receive the money will work out how to handle any financial losses.

Nzuki is also known as Jane Kiio.

She is charged with first degree computer crime and first degree larceny.