Woman ready to give Ksh50,000 for missing cat in Utawala lives in Florida


For an average Kenyan family, a cat is just a domestic animal kept by the household in order to get rid of notorious rats that ravage foodstuffs and other essential items either in the house or the granary.

With that in mind, in the case that the cat goes missing from the homestead nobody would giving a fuss about it knowing that it will find its way back home if it is still alive.

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But for one family in Nairobi Utawala’s estate, a cat is not just an animal to them but a family member as well. The pet which went missing a while ago led the family to put up an advertisement of the missing cat with a huge reward on whoever finds and returns it the owners.

The Ksh50, 000 reward has attracted a lot of attention on social media eliciting different reactions with members of the public wondering how well of could the family be to offer such a reward for just a cat. The owner of the cat, it has emerged, is a lady who lives in New Port Richey in the US. It’s not yet clear how she lost Regina in at Utawala.

In the advert, she is urging anyone who might have come across the pet named ‘Regina’ to take good of it by offering it food.

“Kes 50,000 for the safe return, alive, of beloved cat Regina who was housed in Utawala, when she got out on 12 August. 

“Regina is friendly. If you see her, please call her name and offer her food and she will come and return. She is likely very hungry,” read the announcement. 

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The family expressed their worry on the whereabouts of the cat which apparently knows its way around the capital city fearing that it might relocate to its original location.

“She may head from Utawala back to her home near Nairobi’s Central Business District, so please help us; go out and call her name and bring her back,” concluded the note.