Woman Pens Heartbreaking Letter Of How Kenyans Are Divorcing At Alarming Rates Abroad


Here is a letter from Wa Kiuru narrating a sad tale of how divorce rates have spiked abroad and it’s all from little issues that can be ignored.

I will say this as blunt as possible, mwenda kumena mumene!  What is it this with all these divorces going around?

The last time I checked, the Good Book says, whatever God has put together, no man should put asunder. But we have come to a point where if one partner gets to earn a little more than the other, matako inaanza kulia bwata!

This is especially so with all these RNs, both men and women. As soon as they do the walk, or the board exam, they start finding small faults in their partners. Mara eehh! This is my money. Mara eeh! I cannot  continue living in an apartment. Mara eeh! Why are you on Facebook all the time? Mara eeh! You cant even afford an iPhone 7s… the list goes on.

Guys are separating over very trivial issues. From disagreement over what size of TV to buy to what TV channels to watch in the house. Others are divorcing due to disagreements over the type of car to buy, or the side of bed one should sleep. C’mon guys! Agree to disagree but fight for your families.

I am tired of kusikia guys who have been married for the longest time, but when the woman goes to the gym and finds a handsome Haitian man, she starts salivating and talking about Kikuyu men and their beer bellies. Before long, the Haitian gym instructor becomes a lover and before you know it, mama anatoroka. Two years down the line, the handsome Haitian man finds another yellow yellow from Igboland.

I know of a guy in these United States who, after graduating with an LPN decided that his CNA wife was not good enough for him. The same girl had to sacrifice her own dream to give birth to their three kids in a span of five years. Mtu anakuzalia mama na baba yako then unajifanya kalulu? Kubaff wewe.

When I was growing up, our parents’ generation stayed in marriage forever. Sometimes as children we would mistake a husband and wife to sister and brother. Their longevity in marriage made them look alike; they acquired similar manner of speech, walk, facial expressions, could finish each other’s sentences, and the like. Not that there were no issues, but they stuck together and brought up their 14 children. Yes 14! All got educated and are now successful in their fields. Wewe una watoto wawili na unalia kama senge.

Jameni let us also show the children we are bringing up that there is hope in marriage. That communication is key to a relationship. Do not start opening secret bank accounts in Kenya. Do not start buying pieces of land in Kenya secretly.

Now that you have reconnected with your college lover on Facebook, do not let her break your family; there’s a reason she is still single at 36. That your high school hunk would kill to get hold of your dollars. There’s a reason he is still a gigolo in Nairobi.

Story Courtesy of mwakilishi




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