Woman In Dubai Issues Warning To Africans Over Dubious Overseas Jobs


A Ghanaian woman based in Dubai has issued a stern warning to Africans who seek jobs abroad in search of greener pastures.

The lady who is identified as Winnie shared a video on social media to express her concern over the rise of job scams that many Africans are falling trap to.

This is very familiar even in the Kenyan market considering the many told stories of citizens who ended up being mistreated tortured or even died after being promised handsome jobs abroad.

In the video, Winnie used Ghanaian citizens as examples of individuals who are now accomplices in fraudulent jobs as they pose as agents.

The said agents are believed to target non suspecting clients by promising them jobs with better living conditions only for the travelers to be left stranded or in the hands of ruthless employers.

The issue of fake jobs has been very rampant in the Middle East countries particularly in Dubai and Winnie urges job seekers to be extra careful when they get job offers.

The worrying trend in this scam is the fact that fellow African nationals are being used as agents and this is what has lured many individuals into being convinced about the available jobs abroad.

Despite receiving assurance of the jobs and even agreed on payment, some who have fallen trap get to realize that the jobs are either non-existent and forced to take up menial jobs for survival.

Her warning comes months after the mysterious death of a Kenyan lady Alice Awour who traveled to Saudi Arabia after receiving a job offer.

The 30-year-old had traveled to the Middle East country in January only for her parents to be informed of her death weeks after she complained of being mistreated by her employer.