US Based Woman Claims To Have Sired 2 Children With Late Kenyan Politician; Simeon Nyachae


A woman claiming to be Simeon Nyachae’s wife has made headlines  days after his burial after she revealed that they have two children together. (A 47 year old and a younger one who is “over 30 years old”.)

Speaking to the media, Margaret Kerubo Chweya, who was based in the United States of America (USA) alleged that they were kicked out of the burial ceremony which took place in Kisii on Monday.

According to the 65 year old, although the family records that the late politician had 5 wives, she considers herself as Nyachae’s widow and infact affirmed that they got married under a customary arrangement.

In a detailed narration, Kerubo says her first encounter with the politician was in 1973 at Jogoo House, where she performed menial duties.

“I got employed at Jogoo House in 1972 as a junior staff member. I couldn’t do the white-collar jobs because of my limited education; I had dropped out in Form Two,” she said.

After meeting the politician, Kerubo reveals that he offered to mentor and support her through her education.

The two later started dating and on making their union formal, she recalls how they used to spend time together and the politician even bought her a house next to his Loresho home.

Just as many politicians eulogized him as a man who valued education, Kerubo agreed to this revealing how the late Nyachae organized her travel to US for further studies.

“While in the US, he would visit me often. He constantly reminded that I was his wife,” she said, adding: “Nyachae loved me dearly.”

On why she was forced to share these unknown details with the media, Kerubo says that the family of the late does not recognize her as Nyachae’s widow as she accused them of making it difficult for her to visit the ailing politician before his demise.

Kerubo who returned to Kenya in November 2020 after being informed of Nyachae’s illness further threatened  to move to court if the family denies them their rightful share of his property.