“I will Shock you With My Pick for 2022”, Warns President Kenyatta


In the clearest indication that he would be involved with 2022 succession politics, President Uhuru Kenyatta has lashed out at unnamed critics, saying his silence on the matter should not be seen as weakness

“They think because Uhuru is going home in 2022, he will not have a word on what will happen. I am telling them when the right time comes, I will have something to say. Some think I have kept quiet because I am not capable of talking politics.”

The president added:

I am still a politician. They will be shocked when that time comes, but for now I want to concentrate on delivering my pledges to Kenyans.”

The President, who addressed the crowd in his native Gikuyu language,  promised to advice on the political path “at an opportune moment”. Uhuru said it bothered him that some leaders were spending most of their time politicking instead of concentrating on development.