Why Natalie Tewa Is No Longer Creating YouTube Content


Influencer Natalie Tewa hasn’t been active on Youtube for close to a year now because the space hasn’t been too welcoming.

Speaking in a Q&A on Instagram, the once very popular creator said the reason why she hasn’t produced anything on the platform, or any other for that matter, is because of the negative feedback she has been getting.

“You got disinterested in YouTube?” a fan asked her.

“I love creating content but lost my love for it because honestly not sure if it’s worth the negativity that comes with it.”

Negative feedback is just one of the reasons she decided to take the break late last year as lockdowns and quarantine slowed down influencers across the globe.

Tewa’s career, all the same, hasn’t been easy since her grand start around 2017.

She has been heavily trolled several times while marketing products online and has more than once found herself in sticky controversies that have dented her young brand.

Last year she topped headlines after blogger Edga Obare exposed her for allegedly accompanying Mombasa Governor Joho and Suna East MP, Junet Mohamed on a trip to Dubai.

The posts also included Tewa’s alleged visa information, which contained details such as his government name and date of travel. It led to the arrest of Obare.