Why Kenyans Want US Ambassador To Kenya To Apologize To Miguna Miguna



A section of Kenyans now wants US Ambassador To Kenya Kyle McCarter and the US Embassy at large to apologize to controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna after the two engaged in an exchange of words on twitter.

The confrontation was triggered by a tweet that was shared by the US Embassy aiming at attracting tourists with a consideration that the restriction of movement within the country was lifted.

In response to this tweet, Miguna Miguna expressed dissatisfaction and went further to claim that the US Ambassador lacks concern towards the lives of Africans. According to the lawyer who is based in Canada, McCarter seemingly has the primitive belief that Africa is all about wild animals.

In his defense, McCarter explained that the call to attract tourists will in turn be of benefit to jobless Kenyans especially those in the tourism industry; which is among the most affected since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Part of his statement however did not settle well with some Kenyans who interpreted it as a mockery to the controversial lawyer. McCarter had encouraged Miguna Miguna to also visit Kenya but sarcastically implied that he seemed to have forgotten that the lawyer was deported from the country.

“It is about bringing back tourists w/ money to create jobs for people who desperately need them. Even you are welcome to visit #magicalkenya Oh! I forgot. Never mind.” reads his tweet

His statement attracted mixed reactions from Kenyans with some demanding that he should retract his statement while others blamed Miguna for provoking the Ambassador.

To echo the views of Kenyans who spoke in his defense, Miguna Miguna accused McCarter to being a white supremacist and racist and asked him to withdraw his statements which support human rights violation.

“Mr. Kyle McCarter @USAmbKenya: Patriotic Kenyans are demanding that you must publicly and unequivocally apologize to them and me and unconditionally retract your degrading statements that support flagrant human rights violations in Kenya,” he stated

He went further to compare him to his Zambian counterpart who Miguna believes is doing a better job.

The US Embassy and Ambassador McCarter are yet to give a response in regard to this call for an apology.

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