White Men Slept With Me And Promised To Take Me Abroad -Kenyan Gay Based In Germany Reveals


Proud Kenyan gay who is currently based in Germany has revealed the suffering he went through before he got a chance to go abroad.

There have been several narratives of foreigners using white men as a ticket to travelling abroad. Some are known to offer sexual favours while others even agree to marry them only with the intention of getting a green card.

In a recent revelation, Chokuu revealed that although depending on having a connection with a ‘Mzungu’ to secure a trip abroad is a risky path to take, he was among those who fell for this trap.

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According to Chokuu, he was quite determined to relocate abroad and would frequently go to Haller Park in Mombasa Kenya which is a popular tourist attraction site with a mission to get linked to the white men.

“I used to go to Haller park to look for white men hoping that they would offer to take me abroad” he stated

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However, his mission did not go as planned since he ended up being used instead after the white men promised to marry and relocate with him only for them to use him sexually.

“They sleep with you, promise to marry you, and take you abroad! But once they go back to their country, they forget you and block you” he stated

From this experience, Chokuu says that he learnt the hard way and vowed never to be used again. He believes that God had better plans for him since he later managed to get a student visa that saw him relocate to Germany.

Chokuu further cautioned others who get tempted by promises in exchange of sexual favours stating that it is not worth it.