We Almost Slept in The Streets of India -Kenyan Man Returns With Daughter After Over A Year Long Of Being Stranded


Father and daughter have finally returned to Kenya after being stranded in India for one and a half years after having failed to pay a hospital bill.

The plight of Walter Njoroge and his daughter came to the limelight after media coverage of their public appeal to well-wishers to help them offset the medical bill which catered for Fiona’s kidney transplant operation.

Speaking to the press upon landing in Kenya on 25th November 2020 Mr. Njoroge thanked all well-wishers for their support and contribution.

“We landed in India in April 2019, the resources got finished at some point we were almost sleeping on the shop verandahs in India. We are so grateful for your help everything went on well and we managed to clear the outstanding bill which was over Ksh 3.2 Million ” he explained

The total costs of the treatment and surgery was 11 Million and they only managed to pay over 7.1 Million Kenyan shillings.

According to Njoroge, the media played a major role in helping them receive much-needed support.

Fiona who underwent a Kidney transplant operation for the second time also thanked his father for being supportive.

“Thank you Dad so much you have fought for me since I was 6. Even though my mom has left us we will be strong in her” she stated

Apart from the medical bill, reports also indicated that the family risked being homeless upon their return over rent arrears of their Mombasa home since their landlord is said to have issued them with a warning.

The family was warmly received at the airport by their close relatives and friend who could not hold back the tears of joy.