Washington Post Features Kenyan Man Behind DCI Tweets


For a while now, Kenyans have been curious to know the person behind the tweets on the official DCI twitter account.

Beyond informing the public on criminal cases, the tweets have played a  major role in restoring the confidence that police forces are doing their job and infact doing it well contrary to the perception that the police are corrupt and incompetent.

A recent publication by Washington post has revealed the identity of the man behind the tweets; 29 year old John Kimani who has had a great contribution in building the DCI image.

Speaking to the US newspaper, Kimani narrated how he landed the opportunity to work for the DCI stating that it had always been his dream to become a journalist and has since used his writing skills and interest to do exceptionally well in the job.

In the publication, his tweets were compared to a crime novel alongside his mastery of using captivating language and words.

With over 700,000 followers on the DCI Twitter account, Kimani mentioned that he has taken time to learn his audience and how best to inform and interact with them.

“What I’ve learned is that people want thrills. You must feed your followers. That’s how the word gets out.” He told Washington post

In regard to this strategy of reaching out to Kenyans through social media platforms, DCI boss George Kinoti emphasized that it was necessary since it was high time to counter the notion that police are brutal and killers.

To prove that this process is working, several comments by Kenyans on some of the tweets shared usually commend the DCI for unravelling crimes and moving swiftly to arrest the suspects.