Waititu endorses DP William Ruto for 2022


All eyes are on Deputy President William Ruto, the only high-profile politician who has shown serious interest in the presidency, yet.

His bid has now received a boost from the all-important Mt Kenya region after Governor for Kiambu County, Ferdinand Waititu, endorsed him to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta who will be sworn-in tomorrow for his second and final term.

Speaking at St Mark’s church in Mukui on Saturday, November 25, Waititu showered country’s second in command with praise, noting the self-proclaimed hustler’s unwavering loyalty to his boss Mr Kenyatta.

Waititu is confident that the DP will prevail, he said he was convinced Mr Ruto will clinch the top seat come 2022.

It will be remembered that sometimes last year, Waititu’s predecessor -William Kabogo- caused quite some waves when he openly opposed Kikuyus voting for Ruto, a Kalenjin.

He suspected the DP was behind Waititu’s rising popularity. The then Kabete MP was eyeing his seat at the time.

“So will you vote for Waititu who won unfairly and agree to sell your birthright to Ruto? Who doesn’t know that Waititu is Ruto’s project?” Kabogo memorably asked at a rally in Kiambu following a highly-contested primaries.

But the new county boss seems focused on endearing himself to the powerful Number Two (lest a similar fate that fell billionaire Kabogo befalls him).

DP Ruto was present at the church and urged communities in the country to live harmoniously and embrace diversity in their political affiliations.