Video: Two foreigners nabbed in Westlands with fake foreign currencies amounting to 1 billion shillings


Two Chadian nationals and a Kenyan were on Monday arrested in possession of fake foreign currencies amounting to one billions shillings.

The trio was arrested in a three bedroom apartment at Sandalwood Apartments, Brookside Lane in Westlands.

While confirming the incidence, Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) through the Twitter account, the three are Abdalla Tamba , his son Abdoulaye Tamba and a Kenyan Anthony Mwangangi who acts as their driver.

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The three suspects have been on police radar for a while. They were arrested by flying squad officers who were acting on a tip off from the members of the public and are still in hot pursuit of a fourth suspect who managed to escape. The suspects have been masquerading as magicians who can help Kenyans multiply their money only to end up stealing from them.

“The foreigners have been in the country for over 10 years. We want the owner of the apartment to explain what he knows about them,” said flying squad boss, Musa Yego. 

Mr. Yego appealed to the public with any information regarding the suspects to avail the same to the authorities to have a successful conviction. A machine believed to be used by Tamba to make the fake currencies was also seized in the sting Monday operation.

Mr. Mwangangi the driver while distancing himself from the actions of the two said he was just a driver and was never allowed to get into the house expressing his shock on the revelations.

It is now emerging that this is not the first time the suspects are being sought by police. In October 2015, the Chadian duo in the company of Mr. Yahya Kangweri, Mr. Suleiman Musa and Mr. Mahmat Tamba were apprehended for being in possession of fake bills amounting to Ksh153 million ($1.5 million).

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They identified themselves as citizens of the Central African Republic and were deported but authorities are yet to find out how they managed to sneak back into the country.

The arrest was prompted after Mr. Abdullah Hassan launched a complaint against them for failing to pay him $4 million. Security apparatus in the country are on high alert following increased cases of fraud leading to loss of huge sums with banks having fallen victims of the same vice.

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