Video: Theresa May enjoys dance in Kenya on her last day


Visiting United Kingdom Prime Minister decided to break a leg during her visit to the United Nations offices in Nairobi during her tour in the country.

As it is in many traditional African cultures, it is common to welcome our visitors with song and dance and as it is in this case was it no different for the PM who decided to join the dance. The dance video in which the PM is seen swinging her hands and moving round caused ripples in the UK online platform after it went viral.

Media personality Joe Swash during a live broadcast on a light note asked  his colleagues to get on the dance floor and pull the moves just like Ms. May did in the now famous ‘Maybot’ dance.

“Talking of talented people, let’s talk Theresa May. We’ve seen her dancing earlier. I’ve figured out the formula. Everyone stand up. So basically, you’ve got to imagine that you’re on a farm and you’re picking fruits. Let’s just some music going…now pick some apples, now pick some grapes,” directed Joe. 

The trend did not end there as UK’s breakfast show ‘Good Morning Britain Breaking’ joined the bandwagon. Other online users embraced the dance congratulating the PM noting that there is no problem for her to pull moves especially that she was in Africa which is a norm.

“Good luck to her. Throw yourself at it knowing you’ll make a bit of prune of yourself in front of the world’s media or sit on sidelines looking aloof. I say right decision Theresa May. Who cares what the haters say strut your funky stuff,” posted Robert Davidson on twitter.
Another tweep Mathew Norton defended May as well.

“I do this every time I am in Kenya..and I look as bad (ok worse) than this. Culture expects it. Well done for being able to laugh at yourself,” posted Norton.