Video Of Kenyan Man Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Alcohol In US Goes Viral


An unidentified Kenyan man based in the US was arrested after he was accused of stealing alcohol from a liquor store.

In a video that captured his arrest, the reporter from local hood news questioned his identity and the man reveals that he grew up in Nairobi, Kenya but did not reveal his names.

He further responded to the theft allegations claiming that he paid for the drinks which contradicts the police report.

His arrest sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans in Diaspora as well as those in Kenya with others addressing the manner in which the police handled him while others expressing disappointment over the accusations.

Check out some of the reactions

At least he was not killed

Lakini kuna tutabia zinafaa uache ukipanda ndege uende foreign walai😂😂

Kenya to the World😂😂

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Wakenya izi ni Aibu gani 😭

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Was he arrested for stealing liquor ama because he was Kenyan?

😂😂😂😂😂🔥Kenyans will always be Kenyans