Video Capturing The Struggle That Care Givers For The Elderly Go Through Abroad Sparks Reactions


A viral video of an elderly white woman exuding provocative behavior towards her caregiver has sparked mixed reactions online.

In what has ignited both an uproar and a heated discussion of the nature of these jobs, the elderly woman is captured chewing a fruit and throwing the remains from her mouth to the worker.

In yet another segment of the video, the elderly woman is seen taking a knife and after the worker asks her to give it back, she says that the only way she would give it to her is through the front or back.

In another instance, the old woman tells the worker to get out of her house as the worker informs her that she is recording whatever she is doing so that she can send the video to her daughters.

All these segments have raised questions with some online users accusing the elderly woman of being racist; considering that the worker is a black woman while others suggesting that the old woman could be suffering from a mental disorder.

Although it remains unclear on the circumstances in which the old woman behaves as she does, another video (believed to be of the same worker and old woman) that further led netizens to blame the worker is how she handled the old woman while taking her to bed.

In the video, the old lady is heard saying she does not want to go to bed and the worker is captured throwing her to bed in what some social media users have termed as unacceptable.

Most of the comments online express how working as a caregiver for the elderly requires much patience since some of the old people suffer from different conditions.

Others argued that some workers never want to quit such jobs no matter how frustrating it might be considering that they make so much money from it.

A number of Kenyans however claimed that they lack patience and no amount of money would make them work under such extreme conditions.

Have a look at the video

Watu wanadhani when you are living abroad pesa inamea kwa miti.

I’m sorry this beyond dementia this is R..ism at its best this ol woman know exactly what she doing but yea it takes one with patience to work in that industry I could never

My grandma has dementia too,but she doesn’t act like that. That’s lady’s behavior has got nothing to do with dementia

😢😢😢 thats just a Tip of what some people in Majuu Under go!! All because they want to earn money and assist especially back home the people they left behind. But whats funny is the people left behind at home are the same people who are un thankful, Gossipers, lazy …Name them. 😡😡😡

There’s always 2 sides to a story, watch the other clip of how the caretaker throws her on the bed.

Look for the other video and see how the lady is mistreating the grandma
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This is normal for dementia people if you don’t have a heart you won’t able to work looking after them

For the caregiver to record her she must have reached her limit and it not the first time she treated her like this this time she record to makes sure she got very good reason in case they find her knocked out

These support people are paid like 30k per day huko majuu. Ata Mimi siwezi mind