Video: Angry Nigerians Stop Inhumane Deportation Of Their Fellow Countryman


Nigerian passengers aboard a KLM flight from Amsterdam, Holland, to Lagos, Nigeria, teamed up in protest against the inhumane deportation of a fellow Nigerian held in handcuffs.

They also prevented the flight from taking off as they teamed up to stop the deportation of the victim. Putting the deportee on cuffs while on a plane was too much for the people of his country to bear.

In a video shared by UK-based Nigerian journalist, Kayode Ogundamisi, Nigerians on the flights insisted that the man set to be deported must be dropped from the flight.

The unidentified man whose voice could be heard on the background said he was jailed for five months for no reason.

After a long altercation, the Nigerian, who was to be deported was removed from the flight and the security officers left the flight too. He lifted his hands to reveal his handcuffs and from the manner he was walking, It is apparent that he was chained on his legs too.

Watch the video:




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