Victoria Kimani will only settle down with a rich, ambitious man


Singer Victoria Kimani will not date a broke man or, one without ambition.

In a TV interview, the 33-year-old singer shared that wealth, drive and hard work are the qualities she looks for in a man before she can think of calling him her’s.

“Swag successful, he needs to look good have a little bit of money he can’t be broke or if you’re broke, No you can’t be broke I’m sorry, I really am. I can’t. I want someone who has ambition, I don’t want someone who is lazy coz I’m not lazy, I don’t want someone who lacks vision, I want someone with a business mind because my business mind is not that great, there needs to be a balance,” she said in the interview with Betty Kyallo.

The singer confessed that the search for these qualities haven’t yielded the results she’s been hoping for so far. In fact, they have totally netted the wrong people so far.

I’m not dating anyone, there’s someone that I want to date but I don’t really think he wants to date me. I think I go for the wrong kind of guys. I think I go for bad boys and that’s not good.” she said. 

The singer also addressed an issue that has been following not only her but her two brothers too –rapper Bamboo and Kimya– their whole careers; why do they do secular music.

Coming from a staunch christian background, the pastor’s daughter dresses skimpily and sings songs her parents rebuke daily in church. Their parents don’t really enjoy it but support her anyways.

“I think my dad appreciates the music part of it as he is a musician, my mother definitely would prefer that I sing gospel music,” she said in the interview. 

“It’s definitely their preference but honestly, my parents just want me to be successful more than anything. If I am successful, they are happy and even with the few successes I have had they post things on Facebook they are proud.”