US worried over Bobi Wine’s condition


Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine who is the Kyandondo East constituency Member of Parliament is said to be in a bad state of health as he cannot stand by himself after being tortured in prison.

This follows a dramatic arrest after his driver was allegedly shot dead by Ugandan police officers who are said to have targeted the lawmaker.

US State Department voiced concern on Tuesday over “multiple credible reports” on the medical condition of Ugandan MP.

“We are watching the situation very closely with regards to MP Kyagulanyi,” a State Department official wrote in an email on Tuesday. “We have received multiple credible reports about his condition that are cause for concern.”

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The arrest of Bobi Wine led to two day demonstrations in the streets of Kampala in which six people were killed. The demonstrators have been pushing for the release of the artist is who is locked in a military base prison.

“We are alarmed by recent incidences of disproportionate use of force by security personnel, as well as widespread reports that security forces have severely beaten and even tortured Members of Parliament, journalists, and others recently detained,” the State Department official said.

“We urge the government of Uganda to show the world that it listens to the voices of its people, and abides by its own laws.”

Robert Amsterdam, Kyagulanyi’s lawyer who is based in London speaking to Reuters argues that his client was beaten by a metal leading to serious physical injuries.

“We believe the ribs on the right side are crushed. He was beaten with a metal bar. He is unable to stand,” said Mr. Amsterdam. 

The government has denied the allegations stating that lawyer should come and see his client in person instead of relying on reports from relatives.

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“That’s rubbish. If indeed he is Bobi Wine’s lawyer, let him go to the detention facility and apply to see him and establish for himself whether his ribs are crushed.” said Ofwon Opondo, Government spokesman.

The first time lawmaker was arrested on August 13 following the stoning of Museveni’s motorcade. He was arrested alongside three other legislatures while scores of demonstrators were injured during the incident. Bobi was charged for being in illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

He has been leading anti-government demos and calling for a change in leadership. Museveni has been at the helm of leadership since 1986 and has been accused of ruling the country with an iron fist.

The two day demonstrations saw journalists being roughed up by the military and the police who said they had detained 68 people for misconduct.