Us Warns Residents From Travelling To Kenya


The US State Department on Thursday cautioned Americans living in or traveling to Kenya about possible rallies or protests that could turn violent, ahead of general elections slated for August 8.

“Rallies, demonstrations, and protests may occur with little notice and even those intended to be peaceful can escalate into violence,” the State Department said in a travel alert.

“As with all large events, there is also the opportunity for criminal elements or terrorists to target participants and visitors.”

The alert comes just days a senior official of the US Agency for International Development (USAid) is scheduled to visit Kenya this week in one of the first high-level, direct contacts between Washington and Nairobi since President Trump’s inauguration in January.

Also opposition leader Raila Odinga had hinted in February that mass protests were possible if the August elections were rigged.

The State Department on Thursday warned citizens to avoid gatherings, protests and demonstrations. It said the advisory will expire on Aug. 31.




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