US Embassy in Kenya Will Only Process Visa for Applicants With E-Passports

The Immigration Department stands accused of lack of e-passport service by Kenyans in the diaspora


The US government will not give visas to Kenyans with old passports.

In response to an inquiry by a would-be traveller, the US Embassy in Nairobi said only those with e-passports will be considered for visas, making the US the first major Western power to demand the new type of travel document.

“We can only place a US visa in a new passport. You may make an appointment with your current passport but you will need to obtain an e-passport before we can issue a visa,” a spokesperson at the embassy said on Tuesday.

The e-passport is part of global efforts to curb travel fraud by making it harder to forge a passport.

Last week, Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau said his office would not endorse visa applications for senior government officials without the e-passport.

Kenyans in Diaspora though continue waiting for a signal from their respective embassies on when the new e-passports will be available to be issued. The Interior ministry had announced that there might be passport application centers in London, Paris, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Pretoria in South Africa.