US Embassy In Kenya Deports Foreigner Who Was Captured In A Video Insulting Angry Mob



The US Embassy In Kenya has deported a foreigner after a video of him insulting a group of men went viral.

In the video, the man is captured within the compound of a residential apartment with a crowd of other men outside the gate trying to make their way into the compound. The incident is believed to have happened in Nairobi where he had rented a house.

According to several reports, the unidentified man was caught engaging in illegal business prompting the security guards to call the police. This incident attracted a group of people who stood outside waiting for an opportunity to get at him.

In the presence of the angry mob, the man is heard making phone calls while throwing insults and claiming that his life is in danger.

“I’ll kill these f***ng n***rs, I hate your f***king country” the foreigner was heard shouting on the phone.

The middle-aged man is then heard complaining that the mob blamed him for the death of the late black American, George Floyd, who died after he was mishandled by the police.

“Get me tf outta here, I’m being killed by a mob of people, they are blaming me for the death of George Floyd, they are all blaming me for the death of George Floyd” he shouted on the phone.

Speaking in regard to this incident, US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter confirmed that the man was already flown out of the country. He also condemned his behavior describing it as unacceptable.

“The young man has left the country. His behavior was unacceptable. I am not able to say any more. Only Pole!” he wrote in response to a tweet from concerned Kenyans.