US to close bases in Kenya


United States of America Defence Department is considering mulling the number of its bases in Africa with three countries expected to be affected by the move.

Kenya is part of that plan with American bases located in Kenya expected to be closed down if the proposal is approved by Defence Secretary Jim Mattis. In a report by the New York Times, the move by the Defence Department is set to take place in order for the US to focus on addressing the rising threats from China and Russia.

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The plan which was hatched in January this year is set to take place in an 18 to 36 months period and according to General Thomas D. Waldhauser who heads the African mission says that African troops are well equipped and have become more efficient to handle any threats on their own. Other countries expected to be affected by the plan are Cameroon, Libya, Niger and Tunisia.

However, the downsizing of American troops in the continent will not affect those serving in Somalia and Nigeria with the 500 soldiers serving in Somalia expected to remain intact.

The withdrawal of some of the US troops has been catalyzed by the raising concern and outcry as a result of the killing of four soldiers in Niger in 2017 and the most recent killing in Somalia.

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In Kenya, American troops are based in Manda Bay also known as Camp Simba with another bunch operating from Isiolo and they have been hailed for helping curtail terrorist insurgence from Somalia. However the report did not indicate specifically on which bases will be affected by the move.