US Based Kenyan Pastor Gifts His 16-Year-Old Daughter Mercedes Benz [Photos]


US-based Kenyan Pastor Kinyanjui Jacob has today gifted his 16-year-old daughter with a new car as she celebrated her birthday.

The celebrated pastor shared his birthday wishes on his social media platform wishing God’s blessings upon his daughter.

“Today, my daughter Ivy turns 16. I’ve gifted her with a car as a birthday gift. Happy Birthday Ivy. May the Lord keep you in perfect peace and health all the days of your life.” he wrote

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Explaining his decision on the gift choice against people who would view it as poor parenting, Kinyanjui highlighted the challenge of lacking a public transport system where he stays; as a good reason to buy his daughter a car.

With 16 being the general minimum age to drive in some states in the US, Kinyanjui added that it is a normal occurrence and hinted that a car is indeed a thoughtful gift since parents are at times too busy to drop their teens to work.

“I know in some places, this may sound like irresponsible parenting. But where I live, 16-year-olds driving is commonplace.

Youths with work experience are more attractive in most top-notch universities. And parents may not be available to drop these teens to and from work. ” he added

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The act of gifting his daughter with such a posh car has wowed many online users who admire the kind of relationship he has with his family and many congratulated him for showering his daughter with such kind of love.

Others suggested that African parents should embrace such acts as a way of empowering their children.

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Kare Wa GP
I don’t believe for one minute that it is an irresponsible decision. The move will place her on a sound footing in terms of learning responsibilities and ensuring that she does not start her life burdened with debt. Happy birthday to Ivy, you are blessed to have a father that treasures you. African parents need to learn from this. This is the only way we can break the bondages that are passed on related to generational poverty.

It’s sounds irresponsible for a broke mind. You as the father have determined the level at which you Daughter can handle responsibility. It shows how good your parenting skills are. God bless your family.

When they say Africa is third world, it is true. How many Kenyan parents in this thread are planning to gift their kids a four wheeler in their next birthday?

Congrats.Doc for gifting your daughter a car. May God help us reach such goals.
A father gives daughter some love ,with everything possible he can afford,so that the daughter will not just fall into the wrong hands because of lack of parental love.
A good father does exactly that what you did. Happy Birthday to your daughter and God bless her.Congratulations to her