US Based Kenyan Comedian Verbally Abused By ‘Racist’ White Man [Video]


A Kenyan comedian based in the US David Kangogo sparked an uproar online after a video of him being abused by a white man went viral.

David who is popularly known for previously performing on the famed Churchill Show program relocated to the US and is currently a Lyft driver details that have emerged following the recent incident.

In the video making rounds online, the white man uses the N*gg*h-word as he refers to the driver and even threatens to pee in his car as things escalated.

In a detailed explanation given by the former comedian, he says he was forced to record the events so as to have evidence of what transpired so as not to fall victim to false accusations which he suspected would have been made against him.

“For me, I was just thinking… get what exactly what happened because they are going to flip the story and say I attacked them” he stated

Speaking to the media, he made it clear that everything seemed okay after he picked up the couple from a restaurant but later things took a different twist when he requested the man to wear his mask while in the vehicle.

‘He ignored me the first time, I repeated [it] and told him he’s putting me at risk and all the other passengers I pick up after him.’

Following this incident, Lyft banned the passenger from using their rides and his employer also fired him.

Several reports also mention that the passenger issued an apology blaming his actions on being drunk.