UK Based Politician Set To Vie For 2022 Presidency In Kenya



After serving as a civic leader in the UK, Kenyan politician Daniel Munyambu says he is now ready to join the political race come 2022.

Munyambu who was elected in Basildon, a white majority ward in Essex County in England, on the Labour Party issued a statement publicizing his interest in the presidential seat.

As part of his statement, the former MP aspirant who vied for a seat to represent Thurrock, United Kingdom in 2015 revealed his intention to transform his motherland Kenya.

Beyond the intention to create change, Munyambu strongly believed that his stay abroad has impacted him with great knowledge which has prepared him for the leadership role.

“I am ready to come back home to assist my motherland from the vast experience I gained abroad,” he stated

Kenyan joins race for MP seat in Britain | Nation

Just like the incumbent president of Kenya, Munyambu hails from Gatundu South Constituency in Kiambu.

His announcement comes at a time when the political scene in Kenya is heated with not just the 2022 politics but the BBI referendum which has caused ripples in the country.

Munyambu faulted Kenyan politics by being blinded by the perception of political superiority complex and in fact believes that citizens deserve more than the kind of leadership portrayed by Kenyan politicians.

“Kenyans are not naïve and deserve accountable leadership to promote equal opportunities for all irrespective of their social background,” said Munyambu.

In regard to the current BBI debate, Munyambu was firm that prioritizing a law change over the wellbeing of the population is very unethical.

“The priority by the government should be to secure Covid-19 vaccine and make it available for free to all Kenyans,” he said.

Whilst acknowledging that the current constitution might be ambiguous, he further urged Kenyans to be careful about constitutional changes that are driven by selfish hidden agendas.

This is not the first time that the politician has expressed interest in vying for the presidential seat.

In 2017, he intended to embark on the journey to State House before later deciding to support Jubilee Party candidate Uhuru Kenyatta.