Uhuru’s supporters in the diaspora demonstrate in New Jersey


Jubilee’s diaspora supporters held their anti-National Super Alliance demonstrations in the American state of New Jersey on Sunday, October 8.

The demos where mainly held to counter those of NASA supporters that happened last week in New York.

“We are holding this rally to show Kenyans and the whole world that the diaspora supports President Uhuru’s re-election. These Kenyans are here to express their confidence in Uhuru and Ruto and to urge those back at home to show up in large numbers and vote for Uhuru,” said Serah Munyiri as quoted in the Daily Nation. 

In the rally held at Johnson Park, New Brunswick, that was well attended, the speakers mainly attacked opposition’s demands for systems and personnel changes ahead of the repeat presidential election on October 26.

Speaking to the Daily Nation on Wednesday, October 4, Jubilee’s US coordinator, John Kamau, said that 85% of Kenyans in America support President Uhuru Kenyatta and are advocating for peace.

In the Sunday meeting, they demanded Parliament to assert itself and amend the Elections Act to address ambiguity in election management.

In the rally, they also asked Kenyans in the diaspora to mobilize their families back home to vote for Uhuru.