Why Uhuru refused to partake in Holy Communion at the Anglican Church


President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday joined Anglicans in marking the centenary of All Saints’ Cathedral – one of our nation’s most famous shrines.

Supporters and congregants were however, left confused after he publicly declined to take the Holy communion at the Anglican Church of Kenya as is the norm with Catholic believers.

Uhuru had to explain his rather unexpected move saying that it was against his Catholic beliefs.

“Where I come from (Catholic Church), we don’t offer Communion to strangers and I was quite willing to go up but then I realised that this event is live and my Cardinal may be watching, and I wasn’t sure how he may respond to that,” Uhuru said to the amusement of the congregation. 

Archbishop Welby, who is the global leader of the Anglican Communion, did not skip a beat and quickly responded in kind when gifting the President-elect after the latter’s address.

“Given that I gave the Pope a gift last Friday and he didn’t say no, I think I’m allowed to give this to you without the Cardinal getting you into trouble,” said Archbishop Welby.

Uhuru,Chief Justice David Maraga and Raila Odinga also met face-to-face in the service set to mark the culmination of the first Centenary Celebrations at All Saints Cathedral Church in Nairobi.

President Kenyatta, responding to calls for dialogue by the Archbishop of Canterbury said he was open to talks on uniting the country and rebuilding broken relationships. Also present during the event were Odinga and Chief Justice David Maraga.