Uhuru Kenyatta’s 20 Memorable Quotes

  1. ‘If Kenya is a hotbed, it is a hotbed of entrepreneurs, a hotbed of positive zeal and energy.’


  1. ‘Sometimes when I look at my Facebook and Twitter, and see some of the comments, I wonder why we went digital. If we cannot use modern tools go fight primitive thinking, why insult each other why hate each other?’


  1. ‘If Diaspora could sit and mobilize their money collectively they would get better returns, for instance if they put their savings in one basket we could have a Diaspora bond.’
  1. ‘We need to appreciate that we can have different shades of opinion.’


  1. ‘As large parts of the world age, Africa grows younger by the day. The youthful sons and daughters of Africa are our incredible resource.’


  1. ‘We did not make pledges to our supporters, but to the People of Kenya.’


  1. ‘We go into politics for leadership. Politics is not about making enemies, but respecting choices.’


  1. ‘This country, this continent, does not claim perfection – but we can claim progress.’


  1. Gone are the days when the only lens to view our continent was one of despair and indignity.


  1. ‘Africa is the world’s newest and most promising frontier of limitless opportunity.’


  1. ‘Kenya is aligned to neither East nor West; we are, firmly and irreversibly, aligned to progress.’


  1. ‘We see, as clearly as anyone that true opportunity demands the respect for human dignity, fundamental rights & protection of democratic ideals.’


  1. ‘We have not traveled this road before and we must seek God’s guidance in walking this unchartered terrain.’


  1. ‘Gazeti ni ya kufunga nyama’


  1. ‘The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different.’


  1. ‘Let us go onto social media with a positive and civil message”
  1. ‘The president is hands off, ears off, legs off, everything off manager. ‘(President Uhuru said this to Pres. Kibaki, when he (Kibaki) was the sitting president. He saw Kibaki as a handoff ruler who let the then ministers & officials run the government. Angry with the President, Uhuru did not mince his words. He directly said Kibaki was a hands off guy.)

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  1. ‘The emerging experience and lessons learnt from the ICC dictates that we re-examine ourselves and determine our destiny.’


  1. ‘We should aim to protect and sustain our independence against all negative forces and uphold the dignity and sovereignty of the African continent and our people’
  1. ‘Let us work together to grow the economy. The government, although willing, cannot achieve everything at once.’