Two Kenyans Linked to Kennesaw man’s death


Maria Mungai and Charlton Kariuki have been arrested, together with 3 other suspects, in connection to the murder of a 25 year old father of three in Kennesaw.

According to warrants of arrest seen by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the death of Daniel Perez started as an armed robbery. Five suspects have been arrested and include: Cobb jail records show four of them have been arrested: Charlton Kariuki, of Smyrna; Brittani Hernandez-Ortiz, of Kennesaw; Maria Mungai, of Acworth; and Devin Thomas, of Kennesaw.

A fifth suspect, a 15-year-old, has also been arrested although his arrest warrant did not appear in the jail log of the Cobb County adult detention facilities. The suspect has not been named possibly because of the age.

Police have said in a statement that Perez was in the passenger seat of a pick-up truck at Shops at Blue Springs near North Cobb High on March 23 when two male suspects approached and one shot him in the head a single time.

The warrants of arrest break down each person’s role in the armed robbery-turned-shooting. It is suspected that the the 15-year-old was the shooter, and is the only suspect facing a charge of aggravated assault with intent to rob.

Left to right: Kariuki, Britanni, Maria, Devin

Kariuki is accused of buying a .38-caliber handgun for $199.95 and then selling it to “the juvenile” for $112. Kariuki also allegedly drove the other suspects to Blue Springs for the robbery.

A warrant said Hernandez-Ortiz helped in the plan and execution of the armed robbery.

Thomas, a warrant said, distracted Perez while another suspect came up to the truck and shot and killed the man.

Maria Mungai, a warrant noted, not only did she conspire to kill Perez, but also, assisted with fleeing the crime scene and concealing the suspects.

Perez, a father of three,  was declared brain dead after the shooting and taken off life support machine on March 27th.