Turkish Man Impregnated And Abandoned Me After Promising To Take Me Abroad- Rwandese Woman Painfully Narrates



The notion that white men can be used as a ladder to success is still a belief that a number of men and women in some parts of African need to be liberated from.

A section of Africans especially from illiterate or poverty-stricken backgrounds end up falling victim as a result of this belief and efforts to be associated with white men by all means with the most common being getting into a relationship with them.

A Rwandese woman who is now a mother of two painfully narrated how she ended up being frustrated despite being in a relationship with two white men that had renewed her hope of having a better life.

In the coverage captured by Afrimax English, the woman recalled how the father of one of her children promised to take her to Turkey only for him to abandon her after she got pregnant.

The woman who is an orphan and school drop out met the Turkish man while she was working as a cook.

“In 2015, I met a Turkish man whom I worked with on a construction site. He was an engineer and I was among people who prepared food.

Later on, he told me that he loves me he told me he will take me to Turkey and I’ll get married to him.”

According to the mother of two, she was convinced by his proposal and believed that this would be her chance to finally have a breakthrough.

Trouble began after the man’s contract expired and had to go back to Turkey. He had however promised to keep in touch since she was pregnant. He later cut communication after contacting her to give her the child’s name.

After delivering her firstborn, she was forced to look for another job since her contract had also expired, and although she never got a job, she got another white partner who had committed to cater to her needs.

What seemed like a fortune was cut short after she again got pregnant only for the man to cut off links

“He promised to give me everything I needed and he could do it. I told him I was pregnant but his colleagues warned him that it was not right to have an African child” she explained

According to her, the people close to her second baby daddy advised that she should conduct an abortion, and despite taking him to court, this did not stop him from neglecting his responsibilities.

Her life took a different turn as raising her children as a single parent became difficult.

After coverage of her story, many people reached out to her and help her settle her 5 month rent arrears as other well-wishers contributed towards boosting her financially.

Her advice to other young girls is that they should be discerning before getting into a relationship.

“I would tell other girls to be very careful and discerning because once you sleep with someone even though they can promise heaven on earth after you get pregnant this might be over…”  she concluded