Truth About Viral Video Of American Doctor Speaking On Plan To Eliminate ‘Worthless’ Africans


Over the past few days, a section of Africans online went wild following a segment of a video that insinuated how Africans are deemed to be a less superior race, worthless, and humans that can be used as experiments in the field of medicine.

As captured in the video segment which went viral, a popular American Doctor Robert Oldham who was speaking during a session with International Tribunal for National Justice was heard speaking of a plan to control the population with a key focus of using Africa as the main ground of carrying out research.

“For the purpose of sterilization in population control, there is too many people on the planet we need to get rid of in the words of Bill Gates. At least 3 billion people need to die so we will just start off in Africa.

“We will start doing our research there and we eliminate most of the Africans because they are deplorable worthless, they are not part of this world economy so they have their rights taken away they are suppressed and experimented,” he stated

These remarks fueled an uproar online with many Africans criticizing the doctor for such remarks. There is reason to believe that his remarks may have been blown out of context since only a portion of what was being discussed went viral.

In the full video dated November 20, 2019, the doctor was giving a statement and brief history of how and why the State Department put him out of business and into jail for ‘preaching’ his understanding of medicine and scientific research which contradicts the norm.

In his statement, the naturopathic practitioner went further to allege how certain agencies are making millions in the medicine sector by manipulating people and resisting any efforts that could bring an end to critical illnesses that are currently enabling them to mint money.

While the controversial remarks can be interpreted as Doctor Robert quoting Bill Gates, as he asked the panelists to look into Gates’s statement on population and sterilization, some reports previously indicated that Gates was misquoted.

This leaves us with the interpretation that his remarks were a mere imagination of what goes through the minds of agencies who view the medical field as a business without caring about humanity.

The notion that Africans can be used for scientific experiments is however not new; in a related incident following the outbreak of COVID-19, two French doctors sparked an online uproar after suggesting Africa as a place to conduct their study.

“If I can be provocative, shouldn’t we be doing this study in Africa, where there are no masks, no treatments, no resuscitation?”

“A bit like as it is done elsewhere for some studies on Aids. In prostitutes, we try things because we know that they are highly exposed and that they do not protect themselves.” one of the doctors stated

Check out the mixed reactions after the video went viral

Reducing the world population has been a project the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION has been helping to implement.
The fear is one day the population of planet earth will out numbered the earth resources.
Great biologists, genetic engineers are commissioned to ensure this project is achieved.
African has always be in the laboratories of the world.
Get *INFERNO* by Dan Brown.
That’s the injustice our leaders have done to Africa! Never blame the white, blame your fellow black men!
Do we now see why these their Corvid-19 vaccines are very suspicious and should not be used by our people? They must be resisted and rejected.
This is an irresponsible post by FFK! This man was speaking IN DEFENCE OF AFRICANs! The portion you heard was simply him saying what he felt was going thru the mind of Bill Gates and big pharma!
AFRICANS wake up and stop swallowing crap from lousy people!
This clip is inciteful
It doesn’t state if the questioning was as an insight to the thinking of policy makers or if it is a direct quote
This is not the full story
Please don’t stir up phobias
Dlamuka,Mboyi. Goduka@BhekieD Those who have parents who are in some sort of medications,please do check your parent’s medications. Its really scary that people who are always home,who are always on masks are dyin more than people who are always in the streets, there is a pandemic, not Covid. but Hospitals
If we return back to our African Traditional Religion we will be better, safe and well equiped to see, hear and respond to them when they come to us…
Bill Gates is not God he is a man therefore cannot eliminate man because we are the children of the most high God. The wrath of God will fall on him in Jesus name