Trump’s war with Amazon gets personal; stock plunges 5 percent


In recent days, Donald Trump has ripped into Amazon, claiming in a series of tweets that Jeff Bezos’s tech giant benefits from billions in subsidies from the U.S. Post office while skirting sales taxes. But the tirade against Bezos could be more than about Amazon.

According to VanityFair,  much of what’s fueling Trump’s rage toward Amazon is that Amazon C.E.O. Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post. “Trump doesn’t like The New York Times, but he reveres it because it’s his hometown paper. The Washington Post, he has zero respect for,” a source intimated to Vanity Fair.

Trump is believed to be exploring ways to escalate his Twitter attacks on Amazon to further damage the company. “He’s off the hook on this. It’s war. He gets obsessed with something, and now he’s obsessed with Bezos,” writes Vanity Fair.  “Trump is like, how can I fuck with him?”

The tweets caused Amazon’s stock to plunge 5 percent on Monday


Advisers are also encouraging Trump to cancel Amazon’s pending multi-billion contract with the Pentagon to provide cloud computing services, sources say. Another line of attack would be to encourage attorneys general in red states to open investigations into Amazon’s business practices