Trump’s Latest Move Set to Leave Africa on Its Knees


US President Donald Trump has proposed a new budget that if it’s passed, will negatively affect Africa.

Trump released his outline for next year’s federal budget, titled “America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again” and the world, not just American, is reacting.

The budget has proposed a 28 percent budget cut in U.S. diplomacy and foreign aid next year that would reduce funding to the United Nations, USAID, and other aid agencies.

This will cause a big dent in Africa and Experts and other donor partners warn that the proposed funding cuts could negatively affect humanitarian efforts on the African continent and elsewhere.

The proposal comes after Trump called over five African presidents in his first week in office in which they spoke about combating terrorism, trade relations and other issues.

The Department of Defense and other US military operations are the greatest winners while federal spending with the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of State, and Department of Labor the seen the worst side of trump after major cuts.

But, it’s not the final product because the proposals will have to make their way into law. For now, they are just that, proposals.

The Budget has proposed a 10 percent increase in the massive defense budget, adding $52 billion in military spending in one year top expand personnel, equipment and capability. Another $2 billion would go to nuclear weapons.

Interestingly, Trump also wants an extra $1.5 billion for more immigration jails and deportations, and $314 million to hire 1,500 immigration enforcement and border patrol agents.

U.S. spending on foreign aid in 2015 stood at just 0.17 percent of gross national income, compared to the United Kingdom, which amounted to 0.7 percent of the budget.





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