Trump Fires Salvos at CNN’s Don Lemon and NBA Star Lebron James in Twitter Rant


In 2017, Lebron James clashed with President Trump, calling him a  “bum.” And Lebron was not done; further telling Trump: “the White House was a great honor until you showed up.” The comments were triggered by a decision made by then NBA champions Golden State Warriors to decline a White House invite reserved for sports champions.

It seems, Donald Trump never took Lebron’s comments lightly, and has been holding on a grudge. And he waited for a perfect opportunity to strike back. Last week, Lebron was doing media interviews to promote his glorious public school-I Promise- in Akron. At CNN, Demon Lemon sat to interview King James, and given Trump’s  distaste for the network which he describes as “Fake News” it was time to pounce on the 2017 grudge. And we all know Trump does not like Lemon, not at all.


Taking to twitter, like has been precedent, Trump fired salvos at both Lebron and Don: