The Most Tracked Flight? Kenya Airways Makes Safe Landing in Maiden Flight to New York


Kenya Airways’ maiden direct flight to the US has landed early today at the JF Kennedy International Airport.

The plane carrying 234 passengers landed some minutes after 7am (EST) after it was delayed for 31 minutes.

The plane christened “Magical Kenya” left JKIA on October 28 at 2259 hours, cruising at 888 km/hour.

It was bound to travel 11,800 km in an estimated15-hour journey.

It had four pilots with senior pilot Captain Joseph Kinuthia leading the crew.

Many Kenyans tracked the flight as it took off and landed at JFK airport in New York City using the Flightradar24 application.


Upon arrival, Kenya Airports Authority tweeted: “She has Landed! and a clip showing the plane making a safe landing.

The inaugural flight to New York is a major milestone for Kenya’s aviation sector especially for the numerous economic opportunities in sectors such as tourism and trade. A direct air link with the United States will give Kenya increased access to the large US economy, the biggest in the world, as well as the entire North American region.

President Uhuru Kenyatta tweeted the following, congratulating Kenya Airways: