Top CNN business anchor Richard Quest to fly on KQ’s inaugural direct flight to NY 


Top CNN anchor Richard Quest is scheduled to fly on Kenya’s inaugural flights from Nairobi to New York after Kenya Airways announced the new direct flights.

According to Kenya Airways Managing Director Micheal Joseph, the renowned business anchor has already booked a ticket and will cover the whole event on his popular show, “Quest Means Business.”

Quest, who is also an established airline and aviation correspondent for CNN, marveled the new move made by Kenya Airways which will see time used to travel between the two cities reduced by 7 hours, to a 15-hour flight.

Also, the inaugural flight will cost $869 (Sh87 000) but is subjected to change as booking increases, KQ said.

The carrier is hoping the direct flights will boost tourism in the country since US is the largest source market for tourists and that it will help the carrier shake off it’s debt and swing back to making profits.