Top 40 Kenyan Men in America Diaspora (PDF COPY)


In December last year, we highlited Kenyan men in America diaspora who selflessly go out of their way, against their demanding jobs, maddening schedules and high inflation to give back to society or inspire the community of Kenyans living in America.

Their singular stories evoke the possibilities that America offers, those who dare to dream and try. Some of the nominees went to America with meager means, armed only with hope and discipline and within a short time had earned their academic papers or started a business. For some, like Francis Kioko and Peter Gishuru, their businesses came to an end (Kioko’s shop that sold African artifacts went up in the flames of terror attack on September 11, 2001 in New York, and Gishuru’s Curio became a victim of Amazon and other online retailers.

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You can now get a PDF copy of showcasing the nominees. Your support will go a long way to bringing you more fresh diaspora content.