I thought of driving to America through Uganda after fighting with my wife – DJ Mo


Marriage is not a walk in the park as it is characterized by a myriad of challenges that may bring the union to a halt and nobody understands this best other than Dj Mo and Size 8.

Appearing on NTV’s Wicked Edition hosted by Dr. King’ori, the gospel industry power couple narrated how on some occasion their marriage almost broke up as a result of argument.
Size 8 said that she one day packed her stuff and left the house but her absence from their matrimonial home did not last long as came back on a second thought.

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“There is this day I packed my bags and left (my matrimonial home).I was angry and went on to make an emotional decision which I later realized was wrong. I thought about it and decided to come back even though there was embarrassment written all over my face at the time,” said the gospel artist.

The mateke hit maker went on to advise those in marriage or those who are aspiring to get married that they should be patient and understanding to their spouses because that’s the only way they can make a marriage work out.

“Nothing is easy in life and even in marriage. It is about remaining mature because the best thing here is that keep no grudges,” added Size 8.

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Her husband, Dj Mo also narrated a incidence on how one time an argument ensued and he left the house and was planning to drive to the United States of America through Uganda but that did not happen as he only drove to Limuru and on coming back to his senses went back home.

“There is this time we argued, and I just left the house and started driving. I drove until Limuru (about 50km from Nairobi) and then decided to turn back around and come back home. Looking back I thought of driving to America through Uganda,” narrated the celebrated DJ.