This Subscription Service Delivers You Fresh Coffee From Around Africa


Do you love coffee? Do you drink it every morning? Does it run through your veins and provide your life on the dullest of days?

If yes, then do we have a ~brewtiful~ subscription service for you, our fellow coffee snobs! African Coffee Club is a subscription service that delivers you African curated, freshly roasted beans or grounds ~$16 per month.

African Coffee Club sources their ingredients using sustainable farming practices so you can spend your mornings drinking some high-quality brew. Not only that, but they roast the beans as soon as you place an order, to ensure you get the freshest coffee possible.

The process is simple, too. You can purchase individual bags to sample or sign up for the delivery service so you can receive different bags every 2, 4 or 6 weeks. And because African Coffee Club doesn’t mess around, they offer coffee only from Africa! Hello, good morning!!!

Basically, it all sounds amazing and possibly too good to be true, so we tried 5 different coffees from different regions— to determine if it’s worth it.

Here’s what we thought:

  1. Kirinyaga Coffee Beans (Kenya)

Probably our favorite! The Arabica coffee beans from the central region of Kenya is deep, big, and with a sweet aroma. The coffee gives you a quietly vibrant acidity and a satiny mouthfeel. Flavor consolidates but sustains in a sweet though slightly savory-edged finis

  1. Umoja Coffee Beans (Democratic Republic of Congo)

The sweet fruity profile is easily discernible. The rich finish is centered around notes of dark chocolate and tangerine zest, with vanilla-toned florals.

  1. Kigali Coffee (Rwanda)

The tasting notes are still predominantly nutty, although there is a hint of citrus in the beginning. Light roasts can be difficult to brew correctly, and this coffee exemplifies that.

  1. Yirgacheffe Coffee (Ethiopia)

The flavor profile is rough with fruity and winy notes. Additionally it has a thick body and earthy aroma with undertones of cinnamon and strawberry.

  1. Bamileke Coffee (Cameroon)

Coffee from this region is well balanced, full-bodies and earthy with chocolate, caramel, toffee, and stone fruit flavor notes.

Main takeaways: This coffee is delicious, Insta-worthy, and makes for a both practical and super-cute gift, and for that reason, I stan African Coffee Club.