This Sad Chat Between Two Brothers, 1 Abroad and The Other in Kenya, Will Break Your Heart


There are two sides of the coin when it comes to working abroad and the most difficult side is when one has to not just settle for ‘dehumanizing’ or despised jobs, underpayment and at the same time face criticism for making such choices.

A good example is of the endless debate of why Kenyans still flock middle east countries in search of greener pastures despite the narratives of how some Africans are mistreated with some even dying under the watch of inhumane employers.

Generally, there are jobs that are despised or looked down upon just by its nature and not the gains that would possibly come from it. For instance, jobs that are believed to be of people from the lower class. What some of us don’t know is that even those people actually have achievements too only that their story might never be on the front page of the dailies.

A related scenario is of a leaked conversation of how a man working abroad has to deal with rivalry from his own sibling who looks down upon him for working as a toilet cleaner.

In a screenshot conversation that has gone viral, the anonymous man [believed to work abroad] narrated how his janitor job has seen him achieve more than what people of the white-collar jobs have.

In what came off as a sibling rivalry situation, the man was forced to defend himself after his sibling accused him of showing off and always wanting to be the ‘hero of the day’ by offering financial support to the family.

The complainant goes further to speak of instances where the man who lives abroad fully catered for their mother’s hospital bill and according to him this was done not from a genuine point of concern but to be praised for it.

In a rather extreme decision, the sibling even declared that the man who works abroad should henceforth take full responsibility for paying their mother’s hospital bills.

In his defense, the man living abroad accused his sibling of being jealous and probably bitter ever since he seemingly made a breakthrough abroad which would mean that his sibling would not be the only one that the family depends on financially.

He also laments how his sibling has been difficult to deal with and in several instances had to be begged to offer financial support. At one point, he consulted him with the plan to build a house for their parents only for him to say that he did not have money and later buy a car for himself.

This leaked conversation which was shared by a Kenyan news website sparked mixed reactions even from celebrities who argued that supporting parents should never be a competition.

Others criticized the act of looking down upon people who are struggling to make a living by making them feel inferior because of their occupation.

Although some termed the conversation as fake, such issues are a reflection of what happens in today’s society.

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