These African countries boast of having the most beautiful women


African women are stunning in their own ways. You can find women in the streets of Africaevery now and then who will make your eyes pop out. The gorgeous looking African women are scattered all around the continent of Africa, so it would be a tough decision to find out which countries have the most beautiful looking women. Again, beauty is subjective, so the factors revolving around the beauty quotient is not something that you would derive instantly with a formula. But this article consists of 10 countries of Africa that have the most beautiful women. The judgement is done by the researches as well as taking statistics taken from various beauty contests and public opinions. You would certainly like our list, check it out below!

10. Somalia

Somalia is a war stricken country, but the beauty among the women knows no war. The lovely looking women will take your breath away with the sharp looks.

9. Ethiopia


Ethiopian women are rated as one of the most desired women across the continent of Africa. There is no doubt that they can easily fit within our list. The women have entered various pageant contests and have gained much appreciation for their beauty as well as their vigorous talent in this field.

8. Ghana


Ghana is the land of black beauties. They have the best looking black women that will make your jaw drop right away. If you are thinking about the black beautiful women in Africa, be sure to search for the women in Ghana. You will never be disappointed.

7. Tanzania


Tanzania is a country where you will find beautiful looking women all around. They are both gorgeous and cute. According to various polls and statistics, the cutest looking women can be found in Tanzania. There are a bunch of pictures of Tanzanian women that go viral every now and then over the internet.

6. Nigeria

Nigeria has been well developed in terms of beauty and fashion. They have a good reputation worldwide for their glamourous women. In fact, there was a miss world from this country! The women here are classy and there are beautiful women in numbers. They rightly deserved this place.


5. Zimbabwe


Despite having economical and political issues that are going on in the Zimbabwe’s front, the women have beheld that sector and have made it to the list. The pictures are quite amazing and you would love to see them.

4. Kenya


The Kenyans have entered the list, but at the bottom. Don’t be fooled with the bottom frenzy, they have one of the classiest looking women in Africa and most of the models have Kenyan origins. So you get it, how stunning the Kenyan women are.

3.South Africa

It is expected that South Africa will be on the list because South African Women are all over the world. TV, magazines, Fashion you name it and you will find breathtaking South African women there.

2. Eritrea

The country is in the Horn of Africa and so it is natural that they have a mix in their origin. This has made the women far more beautiful. The diversity in the women in their looks makes them more desirable and so they are among the top countries that have beautiful looking women.

1. Egypt

Egypt is the land of Cleopatra and Nefertiti and there is no doubt about the beauty the Egyptian woman inherits. They have a mixture of the African beauty as well as an essence of the Arabs. Such fusion makes them astonishing and you cannot but gaze at those pictures of Arab women.




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