The REGAL AFRICA GROUP convene’s the “Africa Wealth Conference”


The Africa Wealth Conference is a virtual conference that will be held on the 7th July, 2021 from 9 am to 9 pm based out of Nairobi, Kenya, the conference’s theme is “Empowering Africans to Create Wealth by participating in Africa Economic Development”. The panelists and attendees who will be participating in the AWC2021 are from various African countries, the African Diaspora & the global investment community including wealth practitioners and clients.

The Conference is structured into 3 sessions:

Private Wealth from 9:00 am EAT, will see discussions on family business succession planning and private wealth management in Africa.

Creating Wealth from 1:30 pm EAT is centered on helping everyday investors learn about saving and investing through Sacco’s, Asset Management, REIT’s, and entrepreneurship.

Diaspora Wealth from 5:30 pm EAT will focus on bringing the Diaspora community together to invest and possible options in real estate, business, and other investment options.

There will be 3 Keynote speeches in between the session given by industry professionals Mr. Pius Muchiri of Nabo Capital, Mr. Sundeep Raichura of Zamara Group, and Dr. Beatrice Lukose of WealthFest Africa.

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The Africa Wealth Conference is an annual conference that seeks to play an important role in facilitating dialogue, advancing knowledge and information about wealth creation and wealth management opportunities in Africa. The ultimate goal is Wealth Creation for all Africans and Africa’s Economic Development. The conference is brought to the world by Regal Africa, an organization that focuses on assisting our clients to “Create Wealth” through trade and investment. We focus on Transforming Families by enabling them to create generational wealth, Transforming Communities through family businesses, and Impacting Nations through participation in international trade

Regal Africa currently works with Africans, the African Diaspora, and Friends of Africa to ensure economic development on the African Continent.

Conference Contacts

Anne Wambui Gaitha, Conference Convenor

Regina Kinuthia, Event Coordinator +254714009065