Tears Of Grief In Texas As Search For Kenyan Man And His Daughter Comes To A Sad Ending


On Saturday morning, around 11:30 am, 29 year old Kenyan born Benjamin Nzavi and his 11-year-old daughter drowned in Lake Whitney, Texas

Their bodies were not found until Sunday. The search crews were looking for them until pitch black Saturday evening, but without success.

The father’s body was found first and then the child’s body was found a few hours later. Their bodies were found near a drop-off on the bottom of the lake, just feet from one another.

Chief Deputy Rick White with the Hill County Sheriff’s Office says the father tried to save his daughter but instead drowned himself as well. When they did not resurface, a nearby boater called 9-1-1

Several agencies helped with the recovery mission.

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Nzavi was well known by many members of the rescue team. Chief Deputy Rick White said he was a minister in the jail ministry program and he typically spent his Sundays helping out at the Hill County Jail.

“He went to church with members of the sheriff’s office and other members of this recover team,” he said. “When it’s people you know, it makes it much more difficult.”

White also said he doesn’t believe there was any hesitation by Nzavi to go after his daughter and try to save her because “that’s the kind of guy he was”.