Tanzanian president pardons popular musicians who raped 10 schoolgirls


President John Magufuli has signed documents to effectively approve his Saturday’s move to pardon famous musician Nguza Viking alias Babu Seya and his son Johnson Nguza aka Papii Kocha, along with 59 other prisoners.

John Magufuli made the pardon in his independence day speech on Saturday.

Singer Nguza Viking, known as Babu Seya, and his son Johnson Nguza, known as Papii Kocha, were pardoned for raping 10 primary schoolgirls.

Addressing the country at the 56th Independence Day fete in Dodoma on Saturday, Dr Magufuli said the Constitution gives him the power to pardon any person jailed for any offence.

He also reduced prison terms for another 6,329 inmates.

Congolese-born Viking, who has lived in Tanzania for years, was sentenced in 2004, together with his three sons, for raping 10 primary school girls in 2003.

Director of the Arusha-based Community for Children Rights, Kate McAlpine, told the BBC that the move showed Magufuli had a ‘lack of understanding about violence against children’.

She added that it was ‘extremely rare for child rape cases to get to court in Tanzania’.