Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu hospitalized following ugly backlash on social media


Tanzania’s Wema Sepetu has been taken to hospital following her mother’s comments, calling her out for being a lesbian.

According to screenshots going round on social media, the popular actress was affected by the nasty comments left by fans on social media who couldn’t hold back from bashing her for practicing lesbianism.

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The blacklash has made her blood pressure go up and in hospital according to several Tanzanian blogs. Sepetu’s mum is now arguing all gossip tabloids to hold off from attacking her daughter whose health condition seems unstable at the moment.

In a leaked voice note shared on Instagram, Sepetu’s mum is heard pleading with her daughter’s followers to unfollow the celebrity as she has no respect for them because she’s now a lesbian. Wema is allegedly dating a lady called Diana.

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“Diana pretends to be Wema’s friend but I know she is her girlfriend,” the actress’s mum opened up. Only a parent knows the pain their child is experiencing. I am tired of Diana and I do not want to see her. Whenever I want Wema to move on she fails to do so because of that woman,” her mum said.