Suspected Kenyan Serial Killer On The Spot As Dallas Police Investigate 750 Deaths


An alleged Kenyan serial killer Billy Chemirmir who is currently facing murder charges over the deaths of 18 elderly women is yet again on the spot as police probe the death of 750 senior citizens who died unattended at a luxury senior living community in North Texas, US.

The 18 women he is accused of killing were reported dead during the period he was working at The Tradition-Prestonwood.

In a police report, authorities are trying to unravel whether there is a connection between the other deaths like that of Glenna Day [killed in 2016] and the accused.

As reported by US media, the suspect is believed to have gained access to women’s apartments by lying that he was a maintenance worker only for him to attack, steal jewelry which he later sold.

The first time Chemirmir was in police custody was in 2018 when he was charged with the murder of a Dallas woman. Since investigations were launched, the suspect was linked to more deaths.

Although police initially tied him to 18 murder charges, medical examiner reports and civil suits have linked him with 6 other murders and theft which summed up to 24 charges.

His lawyer however argues that the accusations against him are backed with evidence that may place him at the scene of the alleged murder but does not tie him down to the crime.

It seems like every unexplained death they come up with, they’re pinning on him. if you look at all of it, it doesn’t stand up,” Chemirmir’s advocate Philip Hayes said

In a bill filed by a state representative regarding Chemirmir’s case, the authorities have been questioned to clarify the charges after reports that the 18 deaths he is accused of were reported to have a result of natural causes.

The police department has however reiterated that they have evidence against the accused including CCTV footage, DNA evidence, and a victim who survived his attack.

In a statement by the 93-year victim, she narrated to the police how the attacker identified himself as a maintenance worker only for him to force his way into her house and steal jewelry.