State House Specialist Dennis Itumbi Narrates Experiences He Encountered While Under Arrest


State House Digital Communications Strategist Dennis Itumbi has shared a heartwarming  experience he encountered while a guest of state at Muthaiga Police Station. The story, which Dennis posted on his Facebook Timeline goes as follows:

The conversation starter in the cells is always – Umeshikwa Kwa nini?

For most of those arrested the response is usually a denial.

I shared the 2×2 foot cell with three other guys.

We slept on the concrete floor, each occupying a stretching space. We used the vest as our pillows or the upper part of the hand.

I will come to that.

Enter a guy who I will call Jose.

He takes the empty 3rd cell. He is dressed in white Denim shorts, that he later tells us is his boxers.

For two hours he speaks to none of us.

Eventually, we invite him to share a meal as was tradition during the lock up time.

During the meal, the question is asked of him, ” Kwanini ulishikwa?”

“Nilikuwa navuta bangi,” He responds calmly.

Oooh we almost all respond.

As if on Cue. Jose rises and starts hitting the cell walls.

” I will kill the Government,” He shouts as the blows on the wall continue.

At this point we had no access to newspapers or books. Time was punctuated by such moments.

” How do you kill Government,” a colleague asks.

” Kwanini wanakataa Bangi? Why are they frustrating Jah economy?”

“That is why Kenya is third World Economy, you cannot fight Jah herbs and talents. “

We urge him to finish eating first.

” Man shall not leave by bread alone but by every herb created by Jah,”

“I have a kid and wife, they rely on me and my smoke, Bangi smoke is a blessing,”


The Cells door is banged. A signal that it is time for the Deputy OCS Assembly.

I will tell you more about this assembly later. Very interesting aspect.

In the assembly, Jose is asked were you smoking Bangi?

” Ndio mimi nilikuwa navuta lakini nilikuwa nimejificha…”

We all burst into laughter even the police in attendance.

Jose left the cells before me, reason it was discovered he was actually not smoking bangi but dried up eucalyptus leaves that had been mildly burnt and rolled into a paper.

Hii Dunia kuna mambo.

In his own words, ” Who decided trees are trees and not doors? Get high on your own terms, create your reality man!” ( In essence who said Eucalyptus leaves is bhangi?)

He is a free man. Just spoke to him before clicking post on this update.

Jah Bless!