Some Even Committed Suicide – Kenyan Woman Narrates How She Was Detained For Over A Year In America


A Kenyan woman identified as Grace has opened up on how a friend’s invitation for her to visit America landed her in detention in the foreign country despite her hopes that this would have been a chance for her to transform her life.

In an interview with one of the local media, Grace recalled how her nightmare began after landing in Seattle airport where she was unexpectedly questioned by the authorities.

According to the single mother, her trip to America was after she received an invitation from her friend and did not hesitate as she thought that this would land her in greener pastures.

Grace had separated from her husband and being the sole provider for her family was quite a struggle.

While being interrogated, what seemed suspicious and is what might have led to her detention is the fact that she did not have the crucial details about the friend who invited her.

“I didn’t have enough details of the person who had invited me to America. On the other hand, the person who invited me didn’t also have my details,” she explained

This incident saw her being detained for over one year and she recalls how frustrating it was to be denied freedom in a foreign country. The authorities seemed convinced that she was in America illegally and this delayed her case.

“Life was not easy for me knowing that I had left my children back in Kenya.Life of being detained is tough because you have no freedom and you are in a foreign country. Other people even committed suicide .” she narrated

After several instances of being denied bond, Grace was later deported to Kenya while she was broke and traumatized by the experience.

Grace warns other Kenyans who feel the need to travel abroad for a better life saying that they might as well stay in the country to avoid such experiences.

“I would not advise anybody to go and find greener pasture abroad you better live in your country and find something little to do,” she concluded